My name is Mosayeb Seyd Poor. I was born in 1977 in DIZIN-IRAN. I started skiing when I was 3 years old. I worked on Alpine skiing about 15 years then I didn’t ski for 2 years. After 2 years I turned my sport field to the snowboard which was very exciting. I loved my field and I had never thought I could fell in love with snowboard. After 2 years, I was encouraged to follow this field professionally by my brother Mr. Seid Mokhtar Seid.
My first experience was very hard, I had to learn how to run gates and compete.
My first experience was very hard, I had to learn how to run gates and compete. I intended in some competition in DIZIN , DARBAND-SAR and SHEMSHAK. I was trained for coaching under Austrian coach Mr. Alex. That was interesting and I enjoyed it very much.
Next summer I started my physical training professionally. I took 15th place, 8th place and 4th place in different competitions.By end of the season I took first place in final tournament in 2000. I follow my hard practicing in order to keep my first place. I was member of national grass team in 1999 and 2000.



Grass Skiing

I was intended in international competition in DIZIN. In 2000 I went to Italy to train with world champion Mr. Jovani. When I came back from Italy I went to physical training camp to train with my dear coach Mr. Majid Saghatol-Eslam. Then we went to Austria for international competition to qualify for Salt-Lake city Olympic 2002. The next season continued to train with French coach Mr. Xavie to improve my technique.
I participated in the following competitions:

Since mid summer 2005 I’ve been training very hard to go to Europe to participate to the competitions for qualifying for the 2006 Winter Olympic in Italy and 2007 Asian Game in China. So I went to Russia in 2005 and took third place. At the beginning of 2006 my foot was hurt and I couldn't continue the tournament.
In winter 2008 I went to Italy for Europe competetion.
I have been working very hard and I hope to achieve my goals .